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Adapted from the book, Little Lips Shall Praise Thee (a terrible book with which i grew up)


Bluebird bluebird in the sky
who taught you to fly so high?
my mother taught me to fly so high
said the bluebird in the sky

/so praise her, children,
when you see
bluebirds flying high like me/

springtime flowers that gaily bloom
who gave you your sweet perfume?
our father gave us our sweet perfume
said the springtime flowers that gaily bloom

/so praise him, children
when our perfume fills the air, fills the air!/

robin robin sitting in your nest
who gave you your bright red breast?
my mother gave me my bright red breast
said the robin said the robin in her nest

/so praise her, children
when you see
brightly colored birds like me/

i found a mole so fat and round
who taught you to dig in the ground?!
why, G-d taught me to dig in the ground
said the mole, said the mole so fat and round

so praise G-d, children
when you find
the mole that's diggin's mostly blind

i saw an owl with big round eyes
listen children!
listen children!
I am wise!
i am wise!
//all we are and all we know//
comes from G-d who loves us so
comes from G-d who made us so


from We are Wont to Kiss Calves!, released June 10, 2012




Ellen Morey Elkhart, Indiana

Ellen Morey's acoustic freak folk has a unique blend of bright down-home lyricism with dark bluesy undertones of youthful hope and fury, like a good micro-brew. Ellen is currently learning how to grow gardens in Elkhart, Indiana. She sees writing music as an organic process, from the roots up, and loves entertaining folks of all walks of life. ... more

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